Many things make Evening Street great and we are so thankful to have wonderful volunteers adding value to the student experience.  We've listed our Committee Chairs and their contact info in case you have questions or want to learn more about the role. If you are interested in volunteering please contact the VP  at 



Audit Committee Jen Reis, Sandy Carroll
Carnival Alainna Greene
Book Fair Lindsay Duffey
Box Tops Mary Jo Spinks
Cafeteria Denise Yohe
Chess Club Maren Bixler
Classroom Gallery Jill Woods
Continental Math League Amy Sumner
Diversity & Inclusion Christy Bowen, Amy Sumner
Winter Fundraiser Brandy Ferris, Lesley Cross
Health and Wellness Mary Weiss
Hospitality Brandy Ferris
Playground Cleanup Lisa Cave
PTA Council Delegates Sarah Kuhnell, Brandy Ferris(backup)
PTA Membership/Directory,
Michelle Holdgreve
Project More Mindy Go
Reflections Maria Andersen
Room Parent Coordinator Heather Wilson
School Photos Kara Rhoda
School Supplies Lesley Cross
Science Fair Celebration Ailun Chen
Spirit Wear Heather Richard
Spring Fundraiser Sonja Caulkins
Staff Mini-Grant Program Fran Eppich
Talent Show Chris Potter, Michael Kuhnell, Matt Munhall
Welcoming Committee Joyce Casey
Yearbook Kara Rhoda
Zero Waste Lunch

Ann Mehl



Audit Committee:  Review and approve annual PTA financial records.  

Carnival:  A classic school carnival, certainly loved by our students! The co-chairs are responsible for publicizing the carnival, assigning each class a game or activity to be responsible for, gathering the prizes for the raffle component of the carnival, coordinating the classroom volunteers, and keeping the whole thing running.  This event needs lots of volunteers!  This is also a fundraiser.    There is one Chair coordinating this committee with many volunteers needed. 

Book Fairs:    Evening Street hosts two Book Fairs — one in the late fall and one in the spring. Proceeds from the book fairs benefit Evening Street Library. Volunteers help with setting up and tearing down the book fairs and they also help younger students make their book selections.  There are 1-2 Co-Chairs that run the Book Fair and recruit additional volunteers.

Box Tops for Education: Chairperson coordinates our BoxTops program throughout the year.   This entails collection, quarterly contests and remittance to Box Tops.  This is a large source of income for Evening Street.  There is one Chair for this position.

Cafeteria Volunteers: This small (but experienced) group of volunteers helps serve lunches in the cafeteria throughout the school year.  This is a fun way to see the all the kids!  There is one Chair for this position who recruits many volunteers and presents the schedule of weekly volunteers for the school year to the Cafeteria Manager.

Chess Club: Volunteers help coordinate and staff chess club meetings and competitions.  There is one Chair for this position who will recruit other volunteers. 

Classroom Gallery: This committee organizes once a month – ½ hour presentations of art reproductions to each class in each grade for six months out of the year. You don’t have to be an art historian to volunteer…resource books/samples of past presentations given to the classes give you all of the information you need, and the schedule is extremely flexible.  There is one Chair for this position who recruits classroom volunteers.

Continental Math League:  Practice tests and tests, obtained by CML, are given to the administrators.  Although the scores are not factored into the school grades, students may achieve higher recognition/advancement with other schools who participate  in  CML.    The  committee  is  responsible  for  working  with  participating  teachers  and  grading  the  tests.  There is 1 Chair for this committee.

Diversity and Inclusion:  Our vision is to celebrate, educate, and advocate for all students and families. We believe that diversity makes us stronger and drives learning. We strive to build an environment that encourages and supports all students, staff, and families. There are 2 Co-Chairs for this committee. Chairs will create meeting agendas, lead monthly committee meetings, and attend PTA meetings as needed. There are 5 sub-committees, each with their own chair (mental/emotional health, disability, gender &sexuality, race/culture, socioeconomic). Overall committee chairs are point people for sub-committee questions/communication and will organize periodic sub-committee chair meetings as needed.

Winter Fundraiser:  This committee is responsible for orchestrating the main fundraiser for the school.  The primary responsibilities include marketing and promoting events to raise funds for our school.  The committee also works with the Health and Wellness Committee. This committee works closely with the principal.  There are 1-2 Co-Chairs for this with volunteers needed. 

Directory: At the beginning of the school year, this Chair is responsible for compilation of data and change of data for the Directory.  This is acquired primarily at the Back to School Bash.  Pre-orders are taken at that time.  The template and the printer are established so this is primarily a data collection position. Responsible for PTA membership sign-ups at the beginning of the year during Back to School Bash as well as throughout the year.  This person must be good at keeping records.    There is one Chair for this committee.

Health & Wellness:  The Health and Safety committee sponsors blood drives, CPR classes and other health awareness activities held at the school throughout the year.   They also coordinate the Health & Safety Fair during the Wellness Walk which entails recruiting various health related businesses to attend the event.  There is one Chair for this. 

Hospitality: The committee provides refreshments for PTA meetings on an as-needed basis, they coordinate a lunch/dinner for teachers on parent/teacher conference days, and they coordinate the teacher appreciation lunch in the spring. Volunteers sign up to provide food for these events.  There are 1-2 Co-Chairs for this committee.

Playground Clean-up: Coordinates playground clean-up in the fall and spring.  Clean-up is typically on a Saturday morning between 9-12.  The Chair must coordinate with school principal.  The chair recruits volunteers through a series of announcements.   This committee can be chaired by one person but families are encouraged.

Project MORE Team:  This team of volunteers opens up a world of adventure, intrigue and builds confidence for many students—and all it takes is ½ hour each week.  The Project MORE Team offers an organized reading intervention program for those students who need extra help.  Each week, at the same time and place at school, you will work with the same student.  There are 4 different parents assigned to each child allowing them 4 consecutive days of intervention.  The program is outlined for you.  On your day, you may read with the student sounding out words together, or write recaps or possibly play a game.  There is always a waiting list for students who would benefit from this program and volunteers are always needed.  The program has proved to be highly effective. Consistency is key so your schedule must be able to accommodate the same day/½ hr period each week.  There are many volunteers needed to offer assistance.  There is one Chair who administers the program providing the weekly packets along with the principal.

PTA Council Delegate:  Serves as Evening Street PTA delegate to PTA Council. Attends monthly meeting; reports news at Evening Street monthly membership meeting. Primary responsibilities of council include Reflections, Scholarship distribution, and information for PTA’s.  There is 1 delegate and alternate or 2 co-delegates.

Reflections: This committee coordinates and oversees the Reflections program sponsored by the national PTA.  This program can be intense during its period.  Short visits to each classroom explaining the program are made.  Applications are made available to all students (provided by Natl PTA).  Judges may be requested to determine pieces to continue on to higher competition levels.  Recognition is orchestrated at a PTA meeting.  There are one-two committee chairs.

Room Parents: Our room parent coordinator compiles the list of room parent volunteers for each classroom at the beginning of the year and coordinates with the class head-room parent.  This is a one chair committee.

School Pictures/Yearbook: These volunteers coordinate the schedule on picture day, coordinate re­takes, and are responsible for distributing the photo packets through Friday Folders once the pictures have arrived.  Typically, the company who will be responsible for taking the photos will be determined by Executive PTA based on pricing.  This is a one Chair committee.

School Spirit Wear: This committee coordinates the sale of school spirit wear.  This is a one Chair committee.

School Supply Sale: This committee coordinates the pre-sale of school supplies in the spring and distributes the school supplies in the fall prior to school start.  You will handle a large volume of paperwork.  Organization is key.  This is a one Chair Committee.

Science Celebration: We typically hold our Science Celebration in late February, and this committee is responsible for passing along information about the event, offering suggestions for science fair projects, coordinating volunteers to help set up tables for the event and “listen” to students present their science fair projects, and overseeing the clean­up after the science fair is over.  There are 1-2 Co-Chairs for this committee.

Spring Fundraiser Event:  This committee is responsible for an off-school/evening parent night typically held in March.  Money garnered from Silent auction prizes and ticket sales provide for a large source of funding of PTA sponsored programs. There are two chairs and additional committee members are needed to plan and host this event.

Staff mini-grant: Administer grant application process for Evening Street Staff to request additional PTA funding.  Funding guidelines will be approved by PTA each year.  There is one chair and 2 additional members.

Talent Show Coordinator:  Evening Street has talent, and a lot of it!  This committee is responsible for the communication and coordination of the Talent Show.  This includes flyers/programs, preview of talents (all appropriate talents welcomed) and coordination of event.  Event is split between two nights (younger and older students) typically held in Spring.  There are 2 Co-Chairs for this committee.

Welcoming Eagles: This committee is designated to be the ambassador to all new families who are new to the school.  The committee will help new families with any questions and concerns and will see that they are sent in the right direction with issues they cannot help with.  This committee works hand in hand with PTA and the principal.  There are 2 Co-Chairs for this committee.

Zero Waste Lunch Coordinator:  Recruit and assign both student and adult volunteers to run the Zero Waste lunch line. Liaise between Compost Columbus and the PTA (submit invoices to PTA and provide school schedule to Compost Columbus). Arrange delivery of donations to Worthington Resource Pantry weekly. ZWL requires 2 adult volunteers/day from 11:20 to 12:30.